Friday, December 19, 2008

Kitabi #1 : Life is an Open Secret by Zabrina A. Bakar

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Kitab ini adalah diantara kitab-kitab yang begitu menarik perhatian saya dan membuat saya berfikir ketika membacanya. Isi-isi dan kupasan motivasi dengan sentuhan keIslaman, mampu 'menjentik' kesedaran dalam diri pembaca. Sekiranya anda mencari 'palam pencucuh' buat anda memulakan satu kehidupan, lebih tepat lagi dengan kalimah hijrah, saya pasti bahawa ini adalah buku untuk anda. Berintikan 18 cerita inspirasi dari berbagai pengalaman dijadikan analogi dan corak putar kehidupan. Bab 1 sahaja sudah mampu membuat diri sebak sekaligus merembes titisan mata kerana sentuhan mengenai kepentingan dan kemuliaan seorang ibu. Dan di sini saya kongsikan isi kandungan buku tersebut agar pembaca lebih mengetahui kupasan yang terdapat di dalamnya.

18 Rahsia Kehidupan :

  1. Love Your Mother
  2. Decide Your Path Wisely
  3. Rise Early
  4. Face Challenges with Zest
  5. Aim and Strive
  6. Be Connected
  7. Stay Steadfast
  8. Sharpen Your Communication Skills
  9. Say the Word and Do the Action
  10. Choose Your Words with Care
  11. Manage Your Time
  12. Be Ready for Oppurtunities in Life
  13. What Goes Around, Comes Around
  14. Half Full or Half Empty?
  15. Make Patience Your Policy
  16. Be Persistent
  17. Less of Me and More of We
  18. Trust Your Lord
  19. Find Your Passion (Bonus Secret)

Buku ini juga telah dibaca dan diulas oleh seorang pendakwah terkenal yang tidak asing lagi iaitu Sheikh Yusuf Estes. Berikut adalah ulasan beliau :

Life is an Open Secret is a great chance for all of us to get back in touch with life. Today, the expression "life in the fast lane" best describes what most of us are going through every day. Everything seems to just run by so quickly that we hardly have a chance to reflect on the meaning of it all, or even stop to enjoy the fragrance of a rose. It is about time someone came up with a book offering us the chance to get in touch with ourspiritual side so we can sort out the purpose and meaning behind what we are doing and where we are going.

Life is an Open Secret is not just another book about spirituality or feeling good about life. In fact, this book can be an inspiration for anyone and everyonein today's world. Regardless of the religous or social background a person might have. Life is an Open Secret can make a significant difference in how we look at life and, more importantly, how we can benefit from experiences and turn problems into oppoturnities and failures in life to chance for success.

Life is an Open Secret also appeals to those who are not committed to any particular religious faith. The author's style may be considered unique as well as appealing to all people everywhere. Life is an Open Secret strongly portrays a cohesiveness of society and brotherhood for all mankind and offers significant solutions to many of today's most serious problems in our everyday relationships. Her unique flow in writing encourages and reminds rather than preaching or admonishing us to join together with others to share in building a better world for our mutual benefit.

Life is an Open Secret can make a difference in the of anyone who takes the time to read and reflect on this most timely piece of advice and inspiration. I recommend it for your reading pleasure, enjoyment and spiritual enrichment.

My advise to all of us: "Read and reflect."

Sheikh Yusuf Estes
National Muslim Chaplain
July 6, 2007