Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Chronicles of Johan Handsome

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Long ago, in a galaxy far but not too far, three warriors have decided to be the strongest by competing each other, Ribut, Taufan and Tsumawi, the Singing Master. Their battle ended in a draw so they decided to join forces and seek out an ancient sword that can bring anyone who wields it to be powerful. The sword is called “The Blue Hibiscus Sword” that is kept by the Labi-labi Master. They seek Labi-labi Master and defeated him. The Labi-labi Master was about to be killed but because of his agility, he managed to escape and seek refuge far away. Then, the three evil warriors controlled and bring chaos to the world with the sword at their clutches. Many people in the world are suffered. The sword was separated into three, each one of them had a piece of the powerful sword. Many warriors tried to defeat them but to no avail because the swords in their possession make them almost invulnerable.

Years had passed, a man called Johan Handsome seeks to learn martial art and become strong. He travel around the world accidentally met with the Labi-labi Master who has been hiding in a cave. Johan Handsome ask to learn the ‘Secret Martial Art of Labi-labi’ from the Labi-labi Master. The Labi-labi Master accepted the request but as a return he must defeat and stop the three warriors who have ravage and destroy everything, Ribut, Taufan and Tsumawi. Johan Handsome accepted the deal. Then the Labi-labi Master gave him a test to see if he is worthy of the knowledge of fighting. He passed and for months later, Johan Handsome learnt the Secret Martial Art of Labi-labi and all tricks from Labi-labi Master.

Johan Handsome met Rosalinda, Cicak Guy and Castelur during the times he learn kung fu. They all became friends and give support to Johan Handsome to learn the secret martial art and became stronger. When the time comes, Johan Handsome was ready to meet his end of the deal and save the world. But he doesn't want any help or back up from Labi-labi Master, Rosalinda, Cicak Guy and Castelur. He is become arrogant and confident that he can defeat the warriors alone. The Labi-labi Master told him that as long as the sword is with them, nobody can defeat the trio. Johan Handsome must find a way to take the sword from them and destroy it. Only then Johan Handsome can defeat them.

Johan Handsome traveled very far to the evil trio’s lair. Then they fought intensely but Johan Handsome lost because he made mistakes and doesn't listen to his master's advice. He made a tactical retreat. Johan Handsome then asks for help from his friends and his master. Johan Handsome apologize to them for being so snobbish. It's three vs three now. Johan Handsome teaming up with Cicak Guy and Castelur against the three evil warriors. Rosalinda and Labi-labi Master also help from behind. Cicak Guy uses the Taming Sari Keris to protect them. The Keris has a power to immobilize the opponent.

At last Johan Handsome was able to defeat them. They was captured and imprisoned. Peace is restored back in the land. The Blue Hibiscus Sword was destroyed for good. The people around the world thanked Johan Handsome and his friends for bringing peace to the lands. Ribut, Taufan and Tsumawi after being punished turned good and swear not to repeat their wrong doings again. After they had been released, they help Johan Handsome to restore the lands and preserve peace and prosperity.

The Taming Sari Keris was also thrown far away from their world. Thousands years later, in a planet called Earth. A group of friends traveling found an artifact piercing a rock. Then, one of them pulled out the artifact and read the writing engraved to it. It simply says “Water Proof, Shock Resistant, Not For Sale, Taming Sari Keris”.

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