Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Maaf Sayang, Tak Sengaja

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Assalamualaikum. Alamak, dah lewat. Isteri tersayang awal-awal sudah menunggu dipagar rumah. Menanti sang suami memulakan hari dengan tugasan harian di Kuala Lumpur. Baju digosok rapi, sarapan disediakan, bekalan makan tengah hari juga sudah dimuatkan ke dalam beg galas. "Abang, sweater ni abang nak pakai terus ke? Tak nak masuk dalam beg?" Ayu meminta kepastian. Aku mengangguk sambil berjalan ke meja makan demi memenuhi permintaan isteri. Hidangan ku jamah, minuman ku teguk. Aku bergegas ke pintu rumah. Jam tangan menunjukkan 6.38 minit pagi. 

"Sayang, sweater abang dah amik?" Aku pula meminta kepastian. "Tak." Jawapan dari isteri yang aku dengari walaupun sebenarnya isteri tersayang menjawab "Dah". Aku berlari anak semula ke bilik. Namun sweater pemberian isteri tercinta tiada hatta di mana sekalipun. "Abang dengar Ayu cakap tak." Sambil menyarung kasut, aku merungut. "Ayu cakap dah tadi. Janganlah marah" Wajah Ayu yang sememangnya ayu bertukar suram. "Abang tak marah sayang, abang tanya je.. Janganlah merajuk... Abang tak marah.." Aku memujuk buah hati yang kian muram. Aku faham. Keterlanjuran aku. Isteri yang sedang hamil pasti hatinya ibarat kaca tipis yang sangat mudah retak dan pecah. Ya Allah, ampunkanlah dosaku yang telah melukakan hati bakal seorang ibu...

Maafkan Abang, Sayang. Abang tak sengaja...

Sunday, May 06, 2012

How To: Flash Custom ROM on HTC Sensation XE ICS HBOOT 1.27 with S-ON (Virtuous Inquisition)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


 Assalamualaikum WBT. I would like to share my experience on how to flash or install a custom ROM on HTC Sensation XE ICS HBOOT 1.27 with S-ON. Frankly, I never thought of flashing to a custom ROM within the warranty period of my XE until I mistakenly updated my device to ICS which comes with HBOOT 1.27. I was waiting for the official ICS update from HTC with all my heart, however it was a disappointment when this Sense version of ICS is really slow and laggy.  Some of the forumers suggested to do a factory reset which I did and it increase the speed a little bit indeed.

However I was still unsatisfied since at the first glance, ICS update was supposed to be great instead and this Ice Cream delivered by HTC is not sweet enough for me. So, I searched all over the internet and found that one of the pre-requisite is to S-OFF before flashing to a custom ROM. This is not 100% true as it also depends on the custom ROM to be flashed into the device. I picked Virtuous Inquisition for my new ROM and you can find everything about it here. The installation is quite easy and straight forward after the phone is rooted.


  1. Make sure your firmware version is 3.32 (official ICS update from HTC).
  2. You Sensation XE must be rooted. Check my other post here on how to root.
  3. HBOOT 1.27 unlocked using HTCdev tool.
  4. Clockwork Recovery installed.
  5. Perform a nandroid backup of your current ROM, in case you change your mind or encounter issues.
Installation Steps
  1.  Download Virtuous Inquisition ROM - Download ROM v4.0.2
    (MD5: a64973ae898aa84cdb1d65e690c2bc76 | 260MB).
  2.  Copy the downloaded to sdcard.
  3. Reboot the phone to Recovery. You can use Quick Boot.
  4. At CWM Recovery, choose install zip and select
  5. Wait until the installation to finish and reboot your phone.
  6. Voila, you will boot to Virtuous Inquisition. Welcome to the real Ice Cream Sandwich.
  7. Resources :

Extra Notes (Updated on 5/12/2012)
If you have WiFi issue after flashing the rom :
  1. Extract boot.img from The path should be\kernel\pyramid\
  2. Install fastboot tool . Refer here :
  3. Place the boot.img in the same directory/folder with fastboot
  4. Flash the boot.img using this command : fastboot flash boot boot.img 
  5. Reboot your device. Now your WiFi should be working.

Friday, May 04, 2012

How To: Root HTC Sensation XE Official ICS ROM HBoot 1.27.000 With S-ON

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikum. Last night I was searching for some how-tos to root my Sensation XE since I upgraded to official ICS without rooting first. Thanks to TheSnakeX I finally found the one that really works. For information, the best way is to S-OFF this android beast first using Revolutionary tool. However, this awesome tool does not support HBOOT 1.27.00. There is one way to S-OFF without using the Revolutionary, however it requires the phone to be rooted first. So, this is the How To root Sensation XE without S-OFF the device.


  1. HTC One X All-In-One Toolkit V1.0 - Download here 
  2. CMW recovery - The latest img for Pyramid -  Download CMW
  3. SuperSU - Download [23.04.2012] SuperSU v0.88.

  1. Copy file to SD root.
  2. Extract the HTC One X All-In-One Toolkit V1.0 to the Desktop.
  3. Connect the mobile phone and make sure it is in CHARGING MODE and USB development or debugging option is CHECKED.
  4.  Execute One X.exe application.
  5. Install the HTC drivers.
    *Skip step 6 if the Sensation's bootloader is already unlocked using  HTCdev unlock tool
  6. Register in website, choose Unlock Bootloader, choose your device and follow the instructions.
  7. Rename CWM recovery to CWM5827, copy to HTC One X All-In-One Toolkit folder/Data folder/recoveries and replace the existing.
  8. Flash CWM recovery using the toolkit, CWM should have been installed.
  9. From Commands choose Boot into recovery and from CWM flash (install zip) the
  10. The phone is now should been rooted. Check using Root Checker.
  11. Source :  [Guide] Root Official ICS ROM HBoot 1.27.000 Easely without S-Off